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Artificial intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry

Our Vision

A forward-thinking Artificial intelligence technology
for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have the bold vision to build a pioneering AI technology to unlock the true potential of Real-World Data in the pharmaceutical industry.We believe that AI-driven technology has the potential to transform key aspects of the pharmaceutical industry by opening new avenues in drug development and leading to better and faster development of new medicines.Real-World Evidence (RWE) is generated from the collection, integration and analysis of Real-World Data (RWD) and for example improve capability to gain valuable understanding of utilisation of medicines in real life settings.

AI-driven technology leveraging Real-World Data

Our Mission

Leveraging real-world datain the pharmaceutical industry

Medvalgo aims to provide the most powerful Real-World Data analytics
ecosystem to the pharmaceutical industry. We are working with our
partners to build an AI-driven approach to better understands use of
medicines in the real-life settings. We are looking to provide to the
industry intelligible and actionable insights in the industry.

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence technology for information retrieval, extraction and analytics.



Collaboration is our strategy

Our development approach is based on partnership with key players. We strongly believe that the achievement of our development objectives requires a model of collaboration and strategic partnership.
We have a great pleasure to work with the leading companies, experts and institutions to provide next-level solutions for leveraging Real-World Data in the pharmaceutical industry.

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294 Chabanel Street West #201
Montreal, QC, Canada H2N 1G5